Best Soundproof Curtains For 2021: Noise Reduction Curtain Review

These soundproof curtains are excellent. They absorb outside noises and decorate homes. These curtains are cost-effective. These curtains are also called blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains block sunlight and UV rays. These curtains energy efficient, as they obstruct heat during the summer season and in the winter season block the cold.

Do Soundproof Curtains really Work/ Effective?

The straight answer is yes. The sound reducing curtains are effectively control some amount of noises but not entirely stop noises. Soundproof curtains are made up of thick and dense material.

These curtains are heavier than ordinary curtains due to the material used in them to become effective for reducing sound. Soundproof consists of various dense layers of fabric to absorb noise.

Soundproof curtains are effective in reducing sound at a reasonable cost. These soundproof curtains blocks outside noises that are coming through windows.

Soundproof curtains are more useful for sound-muting uses, but they lack proper soundproofing from the noise coming in from outside.

Who needs soundproof curtains?

Peoples who live in metropolitan region:

In metropolitan cities, there is always noises of traffic and peoples who are passing by. Even at night traffic load may be reduced but noises at more disturbing.

Houses Near or on Main or busy roads:

Everybody who is living on busy roads is always facing the sounds of traffic. At night traffic reduces, but traffic sound creates noise that affects your sleep quality.


YouTubers no struggle to record their voice. YouTubers requires quiet places to record videos with their voice.


Podcaster also needs quiet places to record their voices for podcasts.

Studio or Music Producers:

Music producers, when record music they need a tranquil room recording music.

Other Benefits of soundproof curtains:

The soundproof curtains are cost-effective to reduce noises from outside to inside the room. Soundproof curtains often called sound dampening curtains are effective in noise reduction but they do not completely block sounds.

Blackout curtains

some soundproof curtains are also named blackout curtains. These blackout curtains block the light that is coming from the window and also worked as sound blocking curtains.

Blocking Heat and Cold:

these sound reducing curtain works perfectly to block heat in summer that is coming through the window and also blocked cold winds as the material used in these curtains are heavy and thick.

Add style and Decorate Homes

These curtains add style and also decorate homes as they are attractive in appearance. Also available in different styles and colors.

Guide to buy sound-reducing or soundproof curtains:


It is important to carefully measure the height and width of the window where you are going to place the curtain. Ideally, measure from the ceiling to floor and extend width-wise from both sides of the window.

Material and Weight:

Soundproof or blackout curtains are heavy than conventional curtains, their length and width longer than regular curtains. Rod for curtain must be of good quality as this rod going to bear heavy curtain for life long.

To block a sound curtain must be sufficiently thick, it is the thickness of the curtain that block sounds and block the sound to pass from the curtain.

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Best/ Top Soundproof Curtains or Sound Reducing Curtains

NICETOWN Noise-Reducing Curtains with Black Lining, Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains

Tripled weave technology used in NICETOWN curtains that perform well in absorbing noises and lights. NICETOWN curtains are made up from 100% polyester and imported. These curtain are thick, heavy-duty and nice in touch.

– 100% Polyester and Imported
– NOISE REDUCING: Heavyweight Blackout Lined Curtain, making the window completely closed, to achieve SOUNDPROOF. The effect of absorbing sound is 2 times greater than the usual 1-layer of curtains.
– EASY CARE: Good quality finishing will withstand years of use. Machine washable and Wash the water temperature below 86℉.
– 100% BLACKOUT: Sew in black liner backing makes the drapes thick enough to completely keep out the 100% SUNLIGHT and UV RAY. Gives you the darkest room in the day.
– UNIQUE DESIGN: Draperies constructed with 2 layers are all triple weave blackout fabric.
– No chemical coating, no formaldehyde, ECO-friendly.
NICETOWN Noise-Reducing Curtain Review
NICETOWN Noise-Reducing Curtain

NICETOWN Noise-Reducing Curtain made up of 100% polyester and imported. NICETOWN has a wide range of home decor products.

  • – Excellent quality,
  • – Excellent at low-frequency Sound reduction
  • – Available in 16 different colors
  • – Available in different sizes
  • – Washable and can be iron
  • – Most affordable soundproof or blackout curtain
  • – Need Special Rods to hang them, as they are heavy in weight.
  • – not entirely block the sound and light

DWCN Noise Reducing Bedroom and Living Room Curtains

DWCN curtains are made from 100% polyester, with the curtain you will get a pair of two panels. DWCN are heavy-duty blackout, block sunlight efficiently.

DWCN curtains absorb noise efficiently and also these soundproof curtains are thermally insulating, so they block heat in summer and cold in winter that is coming from outside.

DWCN soundproof and blackout curtains curtains
– 100% Polyester
-Package includes 2 blackout curtain panels, measuring 63-inch in length. 3″ rod pocket top fits most standard rods. Same material and color on both sides.
Heavy-duty and soft, block sunlight into your room, curtains can block 90% to 99% light without a liner. Dark color works better.
Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry, no bleaching. Ironed at low temperature if needed, top-notch blackout fabric can withstand frequent washing, Colors won’t fade away as time goes by
Thermal insulated and Energy Saving curtains great for reducing energy losses during summer and winter.
– No chemical coating, no formaldehyde, ECO-friendly.
DWCN soundproof and blackout curtains curtains review
  • Absorb 70% Noise
  • DWCN curtains have insulating properties, so efficiently save energy
  • Block 90% Sunlight
  • Heavy-duty and soft to touch fabric
  • Washable and can iron in low temperature
  • Light color curtains not efficient in blocking Sunlight as dark colors

Yakamok Soundproof and Blackout Curtains Room Darkening

Yakamok curtains precisely absorb noises and 100% block sunlight and UV that coming from the window.

Yakamok soundproof and blackout curtain
– 100% Polyester
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 panels per package. Each Blackout Curtain measures:52″W x 96″L.Each panel drape has 8 elegant grommets, inner diameter of grommet is 1.6″, which is easy to install and slide.
GOOD SUN LIGHT CONTROL: Triple-weave blackout fabric construction helps block up to 85%-99% sunlight and 100% UV (darker colors have a better effect), Perfect for napping children, day sleepers, shift workers.
Appearance: The silver metal grommets have a matte finish, increase the style and appearance of these soundproof curtains. Fabric is soft and wrinkle free.
ENERGY SMART: These soft and elegant curtains made of innovative triple-weave fabric, high performance on room darkening, thermal insulated, noise reducing, energy saving / efficiency and privacy protection
MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine Wash Cold, delicate cycle with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Tumble Dry Low. Cool iron if needed.
Yakamok soundproof and blackout curtain review
  • Efficiently absorbs noises
  • Great thermal curtain
  • Blocks sunlight and UV precisely
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes with tie backs
  • Light color of curtains not efficient as darker color.

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